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Autographed season V  t shirts! This is the end of era folks...so get yours now while supplies last. 

Have you ever wanted to be a REGENT (Yup, me too!)? 
Well, now’s your chance!
The Season V, Warehouse 13, t-shirt design is here and ready for mass consumption! 
Owning this shirt will not only give you massive amounts of Warehouse 13 street cred, it will also make you appear to be 36.9% more intelligent to those around you!!
Regents are not only the uber guardians of the Warehouse, but are the keepers of world peace, so put on your Warehouse 13 shirt, and help change the world!

Thanks guys, for all your support!

- Eddie


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feel free to go to www.eddiemcclintock.com for some original artwork to add to your collection.


Sorry items no longer available.

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